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Seasonal Picks: Wisconsin Books for the Winter Season

Winter is a great time to be in Wisconsin if you can handle the cold. Here are a few favorites, but you can find even more books at Wisconsinmade.com.

Great Moments in Wisconsin Sports

Journey with the Loon - Journey with the Loon is a spectacular coffee table book that explores the wonders of the Common Loon. Authored by two leading experts on loon biology, David C. Evers and Kate M. Taylor, this book provides a portal into the loon's secret world, following their lives throught the seasons. Stunning visuals are complemented by interesting narrative that reveals the hidden life of the Common Loon. The book also includes a DVD that features remarkable footage on loon behavior. Journey with the Loon book and DVD combo are the perfect gift for any loon enthusiast.

Blaze Orange: Whitetail Deer Hunting in Wisconsin - Book

Blaze Orange: Whitetail Deer Hunting in Wisconsin - In his book, Blaze Orange, photographer Travis Dewitz captures the joy, excitement, and camaraderie of deer hunting in Wisconsin. With more than 600,000 hunters taking to the fields and woods of the state each year, the whitetail deer season is by far Wisconsin's largest sporting event. The author's photos document the hunt and more as he rides along with hunters and a game warden, visits local restaurants and stores where hunters gather, and records the industries that operate alongside the deer season - taxidermists, knife makers, butchers and sausage makers. The result is a keen-eyed chronicle of one season of the Wisconsin deer hunt.

Always a Badger: The Pat Richter Story - Book

Always a Badger: The Pat Richter Story, by Vince Sweeney, is a biography of Pat Richter, the primary architect of the rise of the University of Wisconsin athletic program over the last 15 years. All-American tight end . . . Basketball and baseball star . . . Winner of Rose Bowl glory. Pat Richter's record as a University of Wisconsin-Madison athlete would be achievement enough for most men. But after making his mark in professional football and the business world, Pat Richter returned to transform the UW Athletic Department from a mediocre, nearly bankrupt sports program into a national powerhouse. The book tells the story of Pat Richter by a true insider, the Senior Associate athletic Director at UW, who combines his up-close experience of the events with unprecedented access to the movers and shakers to bring you an insider's glimpse into sports history. The controversy -the drama - the thrills-and the remarkable determination of Pat Richter, the man who is . . . Always a Badger. Soft Cover, 6 x 9 in., 216 pages.



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